Bambu Lab Heatbed Unit - A1 mini

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The heatbed unit of the A1 mini is a printing platform installed on the printer, which can move back and forward along the Y direction and can be heated according to the temperature set by the user. Setting a suitable heat bed temperature can effectively improve adhesion between the model and the build plate and prevent the model from warping. Please follow our recommended heatbed temperatures for each filament to get the best results.


A1 mini

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Heatbed Unit *1


Learn more about the replacement of the A1 mini Heatbed Unit on Bambu Lab Wiki if your printer has the following issues:

  • The heat bed does not heat up, and it has been confirmed that the connectors are all in a normal state.
  • Physical damage or obvious deformation affects the function of the heatbed unit.
  • The customer support team has concluded that the heat bed needs to be replaced.


  • Product Specification

    Materials Metal Color Black
    Package size 305*230*80 mm Package weight 700 g

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