Bambu Lab Hotend Heating Assembly - A1 Series

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The Hotend Heating Assembly is specially designed to support the quick swap design of the hotend. A quick clamping mechanism is used to secure the heater block and heating base, enabling easy separation of the thermal and electronic components of the hotend.

The hotend heating assembly can heat the hotend up to 300℃ and measure the real-time temperature of the hotend with the included thermistor.


Learn more about replacing the Hotend Heating Assembly on Bambu Lab Wiki.


In the Box

1. Hotend Heating Assembly * 1
2. BT3-10 Screws * 3



A1 Series


Product Specifications

Materials Plastic, Metal, Ceramic Packaging Size 105*54*33 mm
Color Black, Silver
Packaging Weight 40 g

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