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The Wireless Charger Kit contains all the non-3D printed parts for assembling an entirely functional A1 mini Wireless Charger or an Air Force Command Headquarters Wireless Charger. To complete the work, you need to download the model files and 3D print the parts.
To download the model files and obtained detailed information, please visit A1 mini Wireless Charger or Air Force Command Headquarters on Makerworld.

A1 mini Wireless Charger

A1 mini Wireless Charger is here! We have designed an adorable wireless charger model based on the appearance of our A1 mini 3D Printer.


• Simply connect a Type-C cable to the wireless charger to power it on. Then place your phone on the wireless charging plate to start the charging process.

• Once the charging starts, the Z-axis will simulate the printing process by moving up and down for one cycle. During this time, the LOGO light and indicator light will light up.

• You can use the Make My Sign function on Makerworld to customize your own nameplate for your A1 mini wireless charger. To learn more about the nameplate customization, please visit A1 mini Wireless Charger on Makerworld.

• To accommodate different phones and filaments, we have specially designed two power modes (high/low) to avoid phone overheating and heat deflection of printed parts.

• We have also engineered two different drive modes (mode 1 and mode 2) for the A1 mini wireless charger to adapt to varying levels of friction generated during the Z-axis movement. (This friction is caused by differences in filament materials and printing tolerances)

Drive Mode Specifications

• The A1 mini Wireless Charger is only compatible with Mode 1, 2, 7. Please do not keep it in Mode 3, 4, 5, 6 for an extended period. This precaution is necessary to prevent any potential damage to the model.

• All drive modes are arranged in a fixed cyclic order (1 to 7). Each press of the drive mode switch will switch the wireless charger to the next mode in sequence.

Lights Motor Compatible Model
Mode 1 Highlight for 10s and then stay lit at normal brightness Back-and-forth motion for one cycle A1 mini Wireless Charger
Mode 2 Highlight for 10s and then stay lit at normal brightness Back-and-forth motion for one cycle with greater power A1 mini Wireless Charger
Mode 3 Continuous breathing light Continuous back-and-forth motion Air Force Command Headquarters
Mode 4 Continuous breathing light Continuous one-way motion Air Force Command Headquarters
Mode 5 Breathing light for 10s Back-and-forth motion for 10s Air Force Command Headquarters
Mode 6 Breathing light for 10s One-way motion for 10s Air Force Command Headquarters
Mode 7 OFF OFF

A1 mini Wireless Charger
Air Force Command Headquarters

Recommended Filaments

Purchasing together with the wireless charger kit will give you discounts on all the recommended filaments. You can add them to cart from the "Buy add-ons to save more" section.


Recommended tools for installation: PH Screwdriver, Transparent Adhesive, Wire Cutter, Needle Nose Side-Cutter, Tweezer, Glue.

In the Box

Item Number Item Name Quantity
1 N20 Gear Motor 1
2 Circuit Board & Coil 1
3 Switch Board 1
4 Wire LED Light 10 (8 short 2 long)
5 Connecting Wire 3 (1 short 2 long)
6 Power Splitter Board 2
7 Foam Foot Pad 4
8 M1.6x3 CHCS 2
9 M2x5 CHTS 7
10 M2x6 CHTS 10
11 M2x12 CHTS 15
12 M2x25 CHTS 6
13 M1.6x16 BHCS 14
14 M1.5x30 Stainless Steel Dowel Pin 7
15 Light Guide Rod 2

Product Specifications

Packaging Weight 72 g Packaging Size 100*70*35 mm Charging Power 5W-15W

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