BIQU BIGTREETECH Manta E3EZ V1.0 For Ender 3

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●Running Klipper or OctoPrint.
●Board to board connection, compatible with CB1/CM4.
●Perfectly fit Ender 3.
●New technology--work with EZ driver.
●Rich interface - suitable for 3d printer DIY.

Product Description:

The BIGTREETECH MANTA E3EZ V1.0 is a motherboard developed by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Bigtree Technology Co. to help you to take your Ender 3 to the next level whether that means running Klipper or even Marlin with all of the latest features. This is our first motherboard that incorporates “Manta” technology (B2B connectors for the CB1 or CM4 modules) and “EZ” technology (the ability to use the latest EZ drivers). Simply plug in the CB1 core board and EZ drivers on the motherboard to upgrade your Ender 3 printer to run Klipper. Due to there being no need for an external raspberry pi the Manta series saves you messy cabling and results in a highly compact implementation.

Display Compatibility:

MANTA series motherboards support SPI and HDMI screens.


The Manta E3EZ is directly compatible with the Ender-3. Since we crammed so much into this board, we were unable to keep the size 100% compatible with other Ender machines and so minor, printable adapters are required. To check if your machine requires an adapter, see this link:

Dimensions & Specs


MCU:ARM Cortex-M0+ STM32G0B1RE 64MHz

Motherboard Power Supply Voltage:DC12V-DC24V

Motor Supply Voltage:DC12V-DC56V

Logic Voltage:DC 3.3V

Heater Connection:Heated Bed (HB), Heater Cartridge (HE0, HE1)

HB Port Max Current:10A Continuous, 11A Instantaneous

Heater Cartridge Max Current:5A Continuous, 6A Instantaneous

Fan Port:3 x PWM, 2 x Always On

Fan Port Max Current:1A Continuous, 1.5A Instantaneous

Overall Max Current(Heater Cartridge+Driver+All Fans):<10A

Expansion Port:BLTouch, PS-ON, PWR-DET, Fil-DET, RGB, CAN FD, SPI

Motor Driver:Support EZ5160, EZ2209, EZ2208, EZ2225, EZ2226, EZ2130, EZ6609…

Driver Mode:SPI, UART

Motor Socket:X, Y, Z (Dual Z Axes), E0, E1 5 Channels in Total

Thermistor:3 x 100K NTC

Display:SPI Touchscreen, LCD Display

PC Connection:Micro USB

Interface:USB 2.0x2, LAN, DSI, CSI, SPI, 40Pin-GPIO, HDMI0, SOCCard, MCU-Card

Supported Kinematics:Cartesian, Delta, Kossel, Ultimaker, CoreXY


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