BIQU H2 V2S Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

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Dimensions & Specs


Maximum Printing Temperature:270℃

Weight:195g (including Heater Cartridge, Thermistor, and Fan)

Maximum Extrusion Force:7.5kg (depending on the filament)

Extrusion (based on the existing):600mm3/min (depending on the filaments)

E-step:932/mm at 16 microstep (Further calibration is recommended)

Klipper Rotation Distance:3.433

Recommended Motor Current:800mA

Gear Ratio:7:1

Drive Gear Circumference:24.5mm

Filament Diameter and Tolerance:1.75±0.05mm

Thermistor Type:NTC100K

Heater Cartridge Power:40W

Heater Cartridge Voltage:24V

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