Creality PioCreat G40 Industrial Grade Pellet 3D Printer Machine 3D Printer 3725×2500×1330mm Large Printer

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Creality PioCreat G40

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Shenzhen Piocreat 3D Technology Co, Ltd was established in2015 and is an early manufacturer of 3D printer equipment. Basedon our independent R&D and self-innovation, we completely ownindependent intellectual property rights on our products. We focuson the R&D, production and sales of 3D printers for advertising sign,jewellery and dentistry, and large-size additive manufacturing. Relying on years of professional 3D prnting R&D and manufacturngtechnology precipitation, through continuous innovation, we provideexcellent 3D printers and solutions services for customers in adver-tising, jewelry, medical and dental, automobile, hand-made model and other industries

We have a large-scale production base covering an area of 10,000square meters, complete R&D, manufactuning and after-salesservices, and strong technical strength. We have advancedlarge-scale R&D centers, 3D printing laboratones, new matenalsresearch institutes and modern production lines in China, with24-hour uninterrupted professional testing lines and strict qualitycontrol systems to ensure product quality from the source

Quality depends on professionalism, and brand depends onservice. "We will rely on professional development, based in Chinafacing the world, and becoming a world-renowned enterprise in theapplication of 3D printing industry

Additive and subtractive manufacturing integrated machine
Screw 3D printing and CNC five-axis manufacturing integrated
By 3D printing to print the work piece closed to the final sizeand contour , then the final size is achieved by milling ,the processing speed is faster , the cost is lower , and the materialis more efficient to use . The integrated manufacturing of addingand subtracting materials is an ideal solution for forminglarge sized work pieces
Large working space
Working space : 3725x2500x1330mm The internal temperature is constant at 35-50Cwhich fully meets the need of various large parts .
Workbench design
Can be divided into 6 independentlycontrolled heating tableAccording to the printed model , zone heating controcan be selective , avoid effectivelyelectricity wasting , and improves the stability ofthe bottom layer of the printing model
Creality PioCreat G40 Industrial Pellet 3D Printer Machine Fgf 3D Printer 1000*1000*1000mm Large Printer
3D printing parameters
Printing Size
Particles Diameter
Hybrid additive manufacturing and milling system
Machine Size
Maximum extrusion volume
precision and repeatability
Molding Tech
Bed Temp
PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, PA and other composite materials
Discharge structure
Screw extrusion
Nozzle Diameter
Nozzle Temp
Power Voltage
Slicer Software
Creality Print
Rated Power
CNC machining parameters
Processing Size
Processing Speed
Spindle Power
Processing Mode
Five axis

High flow screw extrusion design

Equipped with 3-8mmlarge flow screw extrusion nozzleTo ensuring the stability and accuracy ofthe gantry ( + 0 . 02mm / 1000mm ) ,the printing speed is 10m / min and the processing speed is 15m / min

High-speed and high-precision five-axis head

quipped with 8 . 5KW / 24000 high-speed hvctUsing precision five-axis head , A axis 120'C , C axis + 320Cmachinable with plastic , carbon fiber and non-ferrous metals

High performance pressure wheel

Effectively improve the printing materials densitySelf-developed and researched high-performance pressure wheelaccording to the control printing pathcan effectively improve the density of the printing materialand make stronger the bonding between the printing layers

Wide range of printing materials

Can meet the application needs of different fieldsIt is suitable for printing all kinds of thermoplastic particles ,special mixtures materials , and ceramics and metal materialsSupports a variety of fiber composite thermoplastic polymer materials

Full-automatic provide dry materia

Automatic feeding dryingdehumidification three in oneThe full-automatic three in one feeding system providesconstantly dry materials , which can meet thecontinuous printing needs of 7 x 24 hours

OSAL Control System

32-inch full touch all-in-one machineAdopt OSAL control system and motion servo system ,32-inch full touch all-in-one machineto ensure equipment stability and machine response speed

Application field

Applied in various fieldsSuitable for producing large to very large thermoplastic materialsparts , molds , models and industrial tools , etcWidely used in aerospace , automobile manufacturing ,wind power , yacht and ship , home life , urban landscapeand other composite materials field


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