Kings 600 SLA 3d printer 600*600*400mm industrial laser 3d printer for 3D SLA Printing

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Kings 600
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Shenzhen Jinshi 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional SLA3D printer manufacturers, is committed to promoting the 3D printing technology market applications, to provide customers with professional 3D print service solutions.Jinshi as an industrial-grade 3D printer leading brand, its 3D printing equipment and raw materials R & D and manufacturing base, professional custom 3D printing service agencies. In 2008, Jinshi into the 3D printing industry, and the rapid development. 2012 in Shanghai to set up 3D printer equipment production base. 2016 in Shenzhen built a standardized, large-scale production base of 3D printing equipment, and began to diversify the 3D printing materials R & D and production.Jinshi research and development of laser 3D printer is an industrial grade rapid prototyping equipment, using the SLA light curing technology, through the laser scanning liquid photosensitive resin, photosensitive reaction to layer by layer curing process. Over the years, KINGS 3d printer is widely used in the first board, model, mold, medical, automotive, lighting, industrial parts, musical instruments, construction, ceramics and other fields, to help thousands of enterprises.

Product Applications

KINGS SLA 3D printers are widely applied by shoe manufacturer, mould factory, automobile manufacturer, college / research institute, construction company, etc., who come from various industries, like Shoe / Mould / Prototype / Toys / Cartoon / Architecture / Arts & Crafts / Jewelry / Dental / Appliance / Workshop / Education / CNC / Automotive / Furniture / Design / Bicycle, etc.

Product Description

KINGS SLA(Stereolithography) 3D PRINTER is an additive manufacturing machine that works by focusing ultraviolet laser onto a vat of photopolymer resin. With the help of CAM or CAD software, UV laser is used to draw a pre-programmed design or shape on surface of the photopolymer vat. Photopolymers are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so the resin is photochemically solidified and forms a single layer of desired 3D object. This process is repeated for each layer of the design until completed.

Basic Parameter:

Model No.: KINGS 600
Building Size: 600mm(X)*600mm(Y)*400mm(Z)
Photopolymer Resin: White general resin, yellow general resin, high transparent resin, pink resin, etc.
Machine Size 108cm(W)*120cm(D)*198cm(H)
Rated Power 1.5KVA
Machine Weight about 980kg




Main Machine Features:

1. Imported ball screw and linear guide rail guarantee high printing accuracy 0.01m;

 2. Quick printing speed and batch production: 42 full-size shoe sole models printed in only 29 hours;

3. Complex structure model can be printed precisely and delicately;

4. Many photopolymer resin choices, like rigidity, detail, color, clarity and temperature tolerance;

 5. Imported quality device: German galvanometer scanner & US laser device;

 6. Variable light spot: bigger lighting area, higher printing speed;

 7. KINGS owned control software for simple & visual operation.


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