Kings M100E Industrial SLM 3D Printer

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The deposit is 5000USD. Please communicate the final price with customer service.

The Type of Kings 3D Printer: 

20μm Laser Spot Size of slm 3D Printer

External Dimensions(L*W*H):  715*913*1784mmm(28.1*35.9*70.2 in)
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H):  100*100*100mm(3.9*3.9*3.9 in)
Scanning Speed:  15m/s
Laser Type: 

200W Laser (500W optional) 

Galvanometer:  High Precision Scanning System
Inert Gas Protection:  Argon/Nitrogen
Operating System:  64 bit Windows 10
Materials:  316L,Ti6AI4V,AISi10Mg,In   718,CuSn10,CoCr,18Ni300 etc, more materials
Powder Delivery: 

Double Cylinder One Way Powder Feeding



Product Details


Kings M100E has an exquisite shape design with a upgraded build cylinder, high precision and high efficiency, and it can process and produce a variety of materials. Mainly used in the R&D and production of small precision parts in dentistry, orthopedics jewelry, scientific research and education.


(1) High Precision & High Quality

     Supports 20μm laser spot size. Precisely print out every structural detail, Adopting a concentrated laser, the energy greatly enhances the density and strength of the printed part.

(2) All Closed Looped Powder Handling System

     The low oxygen content in the manufacturing environment ensures that the metal is not oxidized, and is compatible with powders of different specifications.

(3) Double Circulation Wind Site Protection System

     Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.

(4) Fully Pop-up Piston System 

     Equipped with a fully pop-up piston system, it is more convenient and quicker to replace metal powders, and 100% eliminates cross powder contamination when replacing powders

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