(New ACF)Antinsky 10inch 220*310*0.3mm HDF Film for Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8k Resin 3D Printer Upgraded from nfep Film for LCD 3D Printer

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Antinsky 220 * 310 * 0.3mm HDF
Antinsky is the Biggest 3d printing trading company. More than 50 brands of 3d printing and >1000 products have enter our online store.
We have one Trading Company, one 3d printer factory, one 3d filament factory, one 3d pen factory.
Main business: 3d printer, 3d filament, 3d resin, 3d pen, 3d scanner, 3d spare parts and 3d service Main cooperative brand 3d Filament & Resin: eSUN, Antinsky, Sunlu, Sunhokey, Polymaker, Cctree, Hello3d, Sting, Boxai,…
3d Printer: Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Phrozen, Flashforge, Elegoo, Raise3d Flsun, Weedo, Dazzle, Twotrees, Dowell, Jgmaker, Anet, QIDI, Ideaformer, Vanshape, … Metal 3d printer: BLT, Farsoon 3d Scanner: Einscan, Scantech, Creality, xyzprinting
3d Pen: Antinsky 3d equipment: Mosaic Engraving&Cutting: Twotrees, NEJE, YEMING Overseas 

* Material: HDF
* Color: Transparent
* Size: 220 * 310 * 0.3mm
* Weight: 200g
* Applicable Models: Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K

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