Phrozen dental study model resin white original imported photosensitive resin 3d printing 1kg

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Phrozen dental study model

Phrozen was founded by a group of Taiwanese 3D printing enthusiasts in 2016. We produce professional consumer-friendly 3D printers for industrial application, medical, and personal use.

After running successful Kickstarter campaigns, we have now expanded to the U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and more! Our clients include those in the dental industry, the jewelry industry, and those interested in creating digital models.

Antinsky sells the most complete product line of Phrozen: Aqua 4k, Aqua 8k, Water-washable resin, ABS-like resin, mud-like resin, Castable dental resin, Castable jewellery resin,Castable W20 resin, Castable W40 resin, TR250, TR300, BASF Protowhite, high temperature resin. 


Phrozen Studio Model Resin is specially designed for fast printing at an affordable price. Each layer of printing takes an amazing 1.5 seconds to complete the complete arc model in less than 25 minutes. PHROZEN research model resin has a matte white finish, which is very suitable for use as a basic diagnostic aid for cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontic planning to help patients better understand their problems and the treatment they need in advance.

Phrozen Studio model resin is only $1.2/model, which is the lowest price dental resin in the market, making dental 3D printing more affordable than ever.

Suitable for printing:

Research model

. Modeling

Progressive teething/occlusal treatment progress

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