Polymaker polymax Tough PC Filament 1.75mm 0.75kg Polycarbonate Filament Tough & High Heat Resistance Engineering

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Polymaker polymax Tough PC Filament 1.75mm 0.75kg 

Polymaker is one of the most famous 3D printer filament manufacturers in the world. Their 3D printer filament is a medium and high-end product in the industry. Its subdivision products such as PolyMax, polylite, polyterra, Polyflex and polymide can meet all subdivision needs from civil to industrial fields.

Polymaker polymax Tough PC 

  • 【PC 3D Printer Filament】 - Polymaker offers different PC filament which can meet your different needs. PolyLite PC offers excellent strength and heat resistance with light diffusing properties; PolyMax PC for extra temperature resistance and toughness and printablility; PolyMax PC-FR can slow/stop the spread of fire for flame retardant need; PC-ABS for excellent toughness and heat resistance while displaying good surface finish, PC-PBT for low temperature toughness and chemical resistance
  •  【Exceptionally Strong & Heat Resistant PC Filament】 - 1.75mm Polycarbonate filament ( PC filament 1.75mm ) is the strongest and heat resistant of ALL the 3D filament materials that can be printed with consumer grade printers
  •  【Affordable Price for Special Application】 - Polymaker 3D printer polycarbonate filament, considering its fantastic properties is also quite budget-friendly compared to some more exotic carbon fiber-filled stuff. It doesn't shrink much upon cooling and will withstand the temperatures in a black car, in the desert, in the summer time, with the sun shining! For hard, strong, stiff, functional parts you won't find better than Polymaker polycarbonate filament 1.75mm
  •  【Clean & Dry Enough】 - Carefully winded to avoid any tangling issues, dried and vacuum sealed in a resealable ziplock bag with desiccant. Please make sure to NEVER let go the tip of the filament as it may create nodes. Holes on the side of the spool can be used to prevent this issue
  •  【Jam Free & Consistent Diameter】 - Polymaker 3D printer filament polycarbonate 1.75mm has good quality that would never cause clogs, jams, warps or other problems, has great bed adhesion, very consistent color and dimensional accuracy, giving you a good mood printing. It is also very low odor while printing which is a huge bonus
  • 【Note】 - Use a BuildTak surface, it will help hold down the print and prevent it from warping. Calibrating your printer before printing is necessary. It is recommended to use an enclosure when printing. For large part it is recommended to use a heated chamber. It is recommended to anneal the printed part right after the printing process to release the residual internal stress
  •  【PolyMax PC Applications】 - PolyMax PC is an engineering 3D printing filament polycarbonate offering the absolute best in toughness that is simply unobtainable from other materials of similar stiffness and showing much improved mechanical strength compared to ABS and PLA under varying deformation test. You can print jigs and fixtures or combat robot functional parts with PolyMax PC, sand by hand or machine and obtain a smooth surface that could rival any injection-molded part
  • 【PolyMax PC Printing Settings】 - Nozzle: 250˚C ~ 270˚C; Bed: 90˚C ~ 105˚C; Chamber: 90˚C ~ 100˚C; Speed: 30mm/s ~ 50mm/s; Fan: Off; Bed Surface: MAGIGOO PC or BUILDTAK; Drying Settings: 75˚C for 6h. Annealing settings: 90˚C for 2h. Recommended Support Materials: PolySupport (Pink)
  •  【PolyMax PC Mechanical Properties】 - Young’s Modulus: 2048 ± 66 Mpa; Tensile Strength: 59.7 ± 1.8 Mpa; Bending Strength: 94.1 ± 0.9 Mpa; Charpy Impact Strength: 25.1 ± 1.9 kJ/m2. Thermal Properties: Glass Transition Temperature: 113˚C; Vicat Softening Temperature: 117˚C

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