ProtoFab PF-M 150 SLM 3d printer D150*180mm metal 3d printer

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ProtoFab PF-M 150

ProtoFab founded in 2014, offering industrial-grade stereolithography 3D printers (SLA 3d printer, SLM 3d printer, SLS 3d printer) and materials fine-tuned for cost efficiency and offered as part of an unrivaled production services package.

ProtoFab PF-M 150 is entry level SLM 3d printer uses a broad choice of materials including stainless steel, Cobalt Chrome, Bronze, Titanium, Aluminum, etc. Due to ProtoFab's patented layer applying technology, smaller particles can be used that allow to generate finest feature detail and thinnest wall thickness.


  • HIGH SPEED HIGH PRECISION HIGH QUALITY: Use high energy density , Fine spot diameter lase , it is possible to complete the construction of complex parts that takeserval weeks or even months to complete by conventional methods in a very short period of time . Complete part not onlyhas precise size , high strength , high density , but also has excellent mechanical properties and other aspects . Thismachine usually use in producing high precise and high quality samll metal part.
  • HIGH COST PERFORMANCE: This machine has smooth and simple lines , it looks modern . What s more , it use international top brand parts and has D150 * 180mm model space . While ensuring high-quality printing , it will help 3D printing industrialization with competitive
  • MULTIPLE MATERIAL CHOICES: Wide range of materials , it can printing stainless steel , cobalt chromium alloy , titanium alloy etc material



Product Data:

Exterior Size: (W*D*H): 935 x 1362 x mm ( 36.81 x 53.62 x 75 20 in )
Molding Cylinder Size (W*D*H): d160 x 190 mm ( d6 . 30 x 7.48 in )
Build Size ( W*D*H ): d150 x 180 mm ( d 5 . 91 x7 . 09 in )
Printing Method: Selective Laser Melting
Thick layer: 20-40 um
Galvanometer Scanning System: SCANLAB Galvanmeter System
Scan Speed10 m / s
Laser: IPG Continuous Laser 200W
Laser Beam Diameter: 0.1 mm
Power Requirement: 200-240 VAC , 50 / 60 Hz , 3 KVA , Single Phase Three Line
Powder Feeding Method: Recoating Single Plating
Inert Gas Supply:Nitrogen , Argon
Safety Explosion:Execution standard GB / T 15605-2008 Dust Explosion-proof
Operation System: 64-bit Windows7 and above
Control Software:PROTOFAB 2.0
Date Format:SLC
Printing Material: Stainless steel , Cobalt chromium alloy , Titanium alloy

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