Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner:User-friendly Cost-effective 3D Scanner for 3D Printing

Sale price$458.00


Expected to be shipped by the end of October.

· Up to 0.2 mm Accuracy
· 14 to 18 fps Scanning Speeds
· Up to 0.3 mm Point Distance
· Weighs Only 140 g
· Stable Scanning With 9-axis IMU

Compact Versatility

With a compact 140g pocketable body, INSPIRE scanner can go everywhere and works as a handheld or turntable 3D scanner. It even connects to your Android or iOS smartphone for accessible on-the-go mobile scanning.

User-friendly Maker Tracking

Scan featureless objects with ease using Magic Mat (a 50cm x 50cm mat with pre placed marker points) and INSPIRE's dual infrared LEDs, increasing marker visibility and smart algorithms stitching the frames together.

Smart Stabilization

Capture sharper scans as inspire automatically removes faulty frames caused by unsteady hands or sudden movement with its 9-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) and smart algorithms.

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