[Free 100 special marking points for 3D scanner]Revopoint RANGE 2 3D Scanner: Fast and Powerful Large Object 3D Scanning

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· Single-frame Precision: Up to 0.1 mm
· Depth/RGB Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixels
· Scanning Speed: Up to 16 fps· Working Distance: 400 - 1300 mm· Maximum Single Capture Range: 860 * 1380 * 1300 mm
· Scanner Weight: Only 253 g

Revopoint Range2 is a portable handheld dual depth camera structured infrared light 3D scanner designed for capturing large objects like furniture, people, and vehicles.


Single-frame Precision:Up to 0.1 mm

Working Distance:400 mm - 1300 mm

Maximum Single Capture Range:860 * 1380 * 1300 mm

Stabilized Smart Scanning:9-axis IMU

Lighting System:4 Flash LEDs

Connection:USB Type-C

Reliability Matters

Reliably and consistently capture objects with RANGE 2's

single-frame precision of up to 0.1 mm.

Up to

2 Megapixels

Depth/RGB Camera Resolution

Up to

0.1 mm

Fused Point Distance

Flexible Working Distance

Capture objects at a 400 - 1300 mm distance.

Single Capture Range@furthest Distance
860 * 1380 * 1300 mm

Single Capture Range@nearest Distance
220 * 425 * 400 mm

Large Single Capture Range

Capture large objects efficiently.

Highly Portable

Take it everywhere and scan at any time.

White Flash LEDs

Remove shadows for enhanced color scans.

Tactile Buttons

User-friendly buttons for easier control.

Greater Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 & USB Type-C

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