Scantech EXTR-ONE Handheld 3d Color Scanner with High Robustness 3d scanner

Style: Deposit
Sale price$5,000.00


Scantech EXTR-ONE
The deposit is 5000USD. Please communicate the final price with customer service.

.Metrology-grade precision
Low cumulative Error
High data speed & silk-smooth scanning
Stable Repeatability
Neat For Complex Workpiece

0.01+0. 015mm(photogrametry, strongercumulativeerror control) high precision
30laser lines; 2.1M points/sec
High speed data,ultra-smooth scanning experience
Repeatability Stability
Good repeatability precision, can scan the sameworkpiece many times and producet consistentresult
Friendly with complex
accessoriesFor extremely complex accessoriesThe more complex accessories, the better scanning

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