[Buy and get ELEGOO Saturn4 ultra for free]Scantech iReal M3 Handheld Color 3D Scanner Infrared Parallel Laser and Infrared VCSEL Structured-Light High Efficiency

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Dual-infrared Lasers
Versatility at Your Fingertips

Infrared Parallel Laser for Scanning Objects of Different Sizes and Materials
Different sizes (≥0.05 m)
Different materials (Including dark and
reflective surfaces)

Infrared Laser Speckle for Human Body Scanning andMedium-large Sized Objects (≥30 cm )
Human body parts, busts or full-body figures
Large and medium-scale sculptures (≥ 0.3m)

Infrared Parallel Laser for CAD/3D Printing

High-quality Data Capturing
iReal M3 features a basic accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, and a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.25 mm/m. It can meet needs of capturing 3D data in various scenes.

Extremely High Resolution
With a resolution of up to 0.1 mm, iReal M3 can reconstruct high-resolution geometric structures and capture fine details of edges, easily handling scanning tasks for objects over 5cm.

Better Material Adaptability
It is capable of 3D scanning industrial parts, automotive exteriors and interiors with black and reflective surfaces. No spray is needed for 3D scanning.

Adapt to Different Colors
Compared to colored lasers, infrared light sources (invisible light) are absorbed relatively less when projected onto the surface of different colors. Thus, the New iReal M3, paired with infrared light, can bring smoother and more comfortable scanning experiences.

High Efficiency
iReal M3’s scanning rate is as high as 60 fps,which greatly improves scanning efficiency,so that engineers can get high-quality 3D data quickly.

Infrared VCSEL Structured-Light for Human Body Scanning, Art and Design

Algorithmic Optimization on Human Body Scanning
Invisible light scanning
Hair scanning
Automatically remove displacements caused by small movement of the scanned person
Scanning in dark environments

Hybrid Alignment Modes
When objects have inadequate geometric or textural features, we can use hybrid align- ment mode (marker and feature align-ments). Just stick several markers on featureless parts and you can align scans smoothly.

Smoother, Easy to Use
Large Scanning Area: Large field of view (FOV), up to 580 mm x 550 mm, allows for fast and accurate scanning of medium to large-sized items. Deep Depth of Field: 720-mm scanning depth of field and better operation smoothness help you get started easily.

Without Markers
When objects are full of continuous, non-re- petitive, and richly varied geometric/textural features, you can scan them directly with geometry and feature alignment mode. The marker-free 3D scanning and one-button start improve on-site working efficiency.

Without Markers
When objects are full of continuous, non-re-petitive, and richly varied geometric/textural features, you can scan them directly with geometry and feature alignment mode. The marker-free 3D scanning and one-button start improve on-site working efficiency.

Various Application

iReal M3 features infrared laser and structured-light modes, which enable smooth 3D data acquisition in different applications, be it scanning humans or objects, inside or outside. iReal M brings professional and highly cost-effective 3D digitization solutions to fulfill demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc.

Human Body Scanning

Medical rehabilitation (spinal orthopedics, prosthetics, orthopedic helmets, personalized surgical guides, etc. Customization and re-creation of artistic portraits (3D printing portraits, body art, etc.); Customization (clothing customization, film and television armor customization, mask customization, etc.) Movie/game/VR, AR and other CG character modeling, etc.

Industrial Design and Engineering Design

Reverse engineering, CAD mechanical design, product customization, automobile modification, 3D printing, MRO (maintenance, repair, operation), etc

Art and Design

3D digital archiving, redesign, reprocessing of carvings (wood carving, stone carving, foam sculpture, clay sculpture, furniture, etc.), 3D digital display, archiving and restoration of cultural relics, cultural and creative design, footwear and clothing design, creative design and derivative product development, etc.

Education and Research

Teaching and training (reverse engineering, CAD mechanical design,
3D printing design, 3D maker innovation education, etc.), scientific research,

3D Measurement and Analysis

 Non-contact measurements (3D surface area, volume, deformation analysis, etc.). For example, plant growth morphology analysis (trunks and potted plants), forensic identification (human trauma area, footprint identification), medical diagnosis (spine correction screening), etc.


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