SHINING UE PRO 3D Scanner 3D FREESCAN lightweight design and high precision laser handheld 3D scanner

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Shining3d is a world-renowned 3D scanner manufacturer. The company is a leader in the production of handheld 3D scanners, with algorithm energy, high scanning accuracy and high accuracy.

FreeScan UE Pro is a laser handheld 3D scanner with high precision, metrological accuracy and lightweight design. The scanner is used in quality control, reverse engineering or additive manufacturing.


Communications:USB 3.0

Scan accuracy:Up to 0.02 mm

Power supply:12 V,5.0 A

Scan Mode:Multi-line scanning, Single line scanning, Precision scanning

Scan speed:1 850 000 points/s

Scope of scanning:600 mm x 550 mm

Light source:26 laser lines, single laser line, 5 parallel laser lines

Maximum scanning depth:170 mm to 680mm


Weight:840 g

Dimensions:298 mm x 103.5mm x 74.5mm

Guarantee:12 months

Operating temperature:-20,40℃

Volume accuracy:0.02+0.03mm/m (standard mode); 0.02+0.015mm/m (built-in photogrammetry mode)

Working distance:300 mm, 200 mm

Working humidity:10–90%

FreeScan UE Pro

Shining 3D Freescan UE Pro is a precise 3D scanner of metrology class with 20-micron accuracy and volumetric accuracy of 0.02 mm to 0.03 mm/m (0.02 mm to 0.015 mm/m in photogrammetry mode). The EU Pro can boast a stunning measuring speed of 1 800 000 points per second.

FreeScan UE Pro is a fast, precise, ultra-modern metrology solution that will be used in quality control, reverse engineering or additive manufacturing.

High metrological accuracy

The FreeScan UE Pro 3D scanner has an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm, which ensures consistent scanning results with high precision


Built-in proprietary photogrammetry module significantly increases volume accuracy when scanning large objects. In addition, the integrated photogrammetry function does not require additional instrumentation.

Multiple scan modes

FreeScan UE Pro uses 13-intersecting laser lines to quickly scan large objects, 5-parallel laser lines to scan complex and fine details, and a single laser line to scan holes.

Easy to use

Light and ergonomic design and user-friendly software allow easy and efficient operation.

Ability to scan difficult surfaces

FreeScan UE Pro allows you to scan black and highly reflective surfaces.

Ultra-accurate scans of small details

With high-resolution cameras and 5-parallel laser lines, FreeScan UE Pro enables precise scanning of small and complex details.

Easy file export to inspection and design software

Scan data can be exported with one click to most popular 3D quality control and design software such as Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X and Verisurf Inspect

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