Twotrees Engraving Cover 740x700x400mm Protective Cover Fireproof for TTS TT CNC Engraving Machine

Specifications: 740x700x400mm
Sale price$68.14


Twotrees Engraving Cover 740x700x400mm

Founded in 2017 as an 3d printer accessories producer, TwoTrees now rapidly develops into one of most popular enterprises in the world that is dedicated to designing, producing and marketing desktop FDM 3D printers.

In addition, TwoTrees is pioneer in self-developed laser engraving machines in China. Today, our businesses is comprised of FDM 3D printers, filaments, resin, as well as laser engraving machines and related accessories, which attain global reach.

Eyes Protection
The protective part of laser engraver cover
glasses is made of double-layer pvc material,which can reduce the blue light produced by laser engraving and protect your eyes.
Smoke vent Design
Connect the 7.5cm air outlet and the exhaust
fan with a pipe to discharge smoke and odors
(Note: a retractable 3M long pipe is attached)
Water Resistant
Not only is this laser enclosure fireproof,but it is also highly waterproof to prevent
the laser engraver from getting wet with water.

Fireproof Material

The laser engraver enclosure is made of high

quality double- sided silicone coated Plexiglas

fiber that can withstand temperatures up to 1832°F (1000°C) and is resistant to instantaneous high temperatures.

Accessories list

Engraving machine protective cover * 1

Tube A 350mm *8

Tube B 325mm*8

Tube C 360mm * 4

3 way connector*10

2 way connector*10

Fan power cable* 1

Throat hoop * 1

Air guide* 1

Exhaust pipe* 1

Screw kit * 1

Tool Kit* 1

Fan* 1

Step 1

According to the label in the picture, connect the corresponding tube with 3 way connector and 2 way connectors.

Need to install two same frames

Step 2

According to the label in the picture, connect the corresponding

tube with 2 way connectors Need to install 4 same tubes

Step 3

Install step 1 and step 2 together as shown in the picture.

Step 4

The front of the protective cover corresponds to the position where

the tube A and the tube C are combined. .

After the cover is on, the protective cover and frame

need to be fixed with Velcro.

Step 5

From the inside of the protective cover, thread the screws out

and put them into the fan, air guide, and nut in sequence. Just

tighten the nut. Put the air guide pipe on the throat hoop, then

put on the air guide, and tighten the cross screw on the throat hoop.


Product Properties:

1. Use refractory materials

2. Zipper window design

3. Oversized observation window (front window 60x23cm, top window 60x34cm, front view and top view are integrated


4. Self-contained smoke exhaust function (built-in fan exhausts smoke to reduce the harm to the human body caused by the gas generated during work)

5. Product size 800x800, compatible with TS2/TTS55 and various large-size engraving machines

6. There are 6 air inlet windows on the left and right sides, which can meet your power supply needs in different locations, and at the same time increase the air volume to prevent drafting.

Insufficient oxygen in the range hood affects product engraving


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