Twotrees Laser Engrave Acrylic for CNC Engraving Laser Cut TTS-55 with Powerful Suction Fan

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Twotrees Laser Engrave Acrylic

Founded in 2017 as an 3d printer accessories producer, TwoTrees now rapidly develops into one of most popular enterprises in the world that is dedicated to designing, producing and marketing desktop FDM 3D printers.

In addition, TwoTrees is pioneer in self-developed laser engraving machines in China. Today, our businesses is comprised of FDM 3D printers, filaments, resin, as well as laser engraving machines and related accessories, which attain global reach.


Product parameters

Product dimensions: 687x710x310mm

Inner size: 650x650x292mm

Package size: 720x390x155mm

Weight: 8.02kg


1. Strong compatibility, supporting engraving machines with various engraving areas

2.Embedded handles are added on both sides for easy lifting

3.Magnetic opening window for easy access to engraved products

4.Self-contained filter function to prevent light pollution during the engraving process

5. With a smoke exhaust system, it can extract the smoke and particles generated during engraving and cutting

6. Large observation window, easy to observe the engraving progress of the engraving machine

7. Self-contained filter function to prevent light pollution during the engraving process

8. The structure is stable, which can prevent the work from being damaged due to inadvertent collision during work

  • Brand Name: TWO TREES
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Hardware Parts/Machine Parts
  • Model Number: Laser Engrave Acrylic Shell
  • For1: TTS-55
  • For2: TS2
  • For3: Laser engraving machine
  • For4: Laser
  • For5: Laser Cut
  • For6: CNC Engraving

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