Antinsky ECO Standard Resin test report

viscosity (cpsat60°c) :200-300
Density ofliquid (g/cm2):1.17士0.02
Shore hardness(Shore D):82D
Tensile strength (Mpa)50
Strength of bending (Mpa):47
Elongation at break (%):15
Tg (°c):100
Colour and lustre (APHA):<30
Exposure test:
Floor height: 0.05
Number of ground floor: 6
Underlayer exposure: 30-35s
Bottom floor lifting distance: 6
Bottom layer lifting speed: 60
Return speed: 150mm/s
Number of normal layers: 6
Normal layer exposure: 2.4-6.4s
Lifting distance: 6
Lifting speed: 60
Return speed: 150mm/s
The following is the test exposure version

Select 5s to print a batch of models, and the effect is as follows:

Product details link:2022 Antinsky ECO Standard Resin 1KG White with High precision and exc

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