Common knowledge points of desktop aurora curing printing
1、 Why do I often need to print diagonally
1. Material saving: just let the latest layer contact the resin
2. Reduce the draft force: the lifting printing platform will lift the model from the resin by its own gravity, the resin adsorption force, and the resistance between the release film and the model, while the use of oblique printing to reduce the torque can significantly reduce the model warping, shrinkage, dislocation and other results.
2、 The model always fails to hang and is separated from the printing platform
1. When slicing the model, click to sit on the bottom plate
2. Insufficient support
3. The exposure time is too short
4. The machine needs to be leveled again
3、 Partial incomplete model
1. Check the model and repair it
2. Properly increase the wall thickness of the model
3. Check and replace the chute release film or LCD screen if necessary
4、 Work before and after printing
1. Check whether the material trough is clean to avoid screen damage or model accuracy error caused by residual solidified substances
2. Shake well before pouring the resin to avoid uneven color of the model caused by pigment precipitation
3. Check the exposure time of the resin to avoid overexposure caused by insufficient exposure time that cannot be cured or too long time
4. The machine should be placed away from direct sunlight
5. After printing the model, try to use the recommended organic solvent for cleaning
6. It is recommended to remove the support after secondary curing to avoid model deformation, pits, etc
7. After the printing is completed, the chute cleaning should be carried out after the forming table is removed or cleaned

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