What should I do if the platform can not rise after my UV curing machine is printed
Problem description: Mini 4K, after printing, the platform can't rise again. It can't perform the movement such as rising when trying to manually control and re-leveling. You can hear the sound of the motor trying to move, but the screw rod has no change.
Inspection performed:
1. Manual rise
2. Recalibrate
3. Turn on and off again
1. Clean and lubricate the Z-bar
The Z axis and bearing sleeve may be blocked by dust, which may cause the Z axis to fail to work normally and even need to be replaced.
2. Check the motor wiring
Remove the loading table and chute.
Turn the printer upside down and remove the bottom cover.
Check whether the cables at both ends of the motor and the main board are loose.

3. Check whether the Z-bar can be rotated manually
The abnormal movement of the Z-bar may be caused by the clamping of the sleeve/motor.
To determine the cause, we need your assistance in performing the following steps:
Turn off the printer.
If the motor and Z-axis try to move and cannot rotate easily by hand as shown in the video, it can be judged that the motor or sleeve may be the cause of Z-axis jamming.
The motor may be stuck due to resin penetration, or the lubricating oil in the sleeve may solidify due to the relatively low ambient temperature recently.
Please confirm whether there is resin leakage, clean and re-lubricate the sleeve:

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