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Why Can't My Prints Stick Onto the Building Plate?


What's Wrong with My 3D Print?

At first glance, it seems as if nothing has been printed out even though you’ve set everything up according to Phrozen’s official resin profile, sliced the file nicely in a slicer software. BUT the 3D model still fails to adhere to the building plate and instead sticks onto the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film.

What Caused the Issue?

When a 3D model fails to stick to the building plate and falls into the resin vat, it’s typically an adhesion issue. There are a number of reasons this may have happened. When this happens, it means that the suction force between the 3D model and the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film is a lot stronger than the suction force between the building plate and the 3D model, which is why the 3D model fails to stay on the building plate and instead falls into the vat.

There are several factors that may have caused the adhesion issue. This can be classed into four main categories:

  1. Configurations on CHITUBOX aren’t correct.
  2. The building plate’s surface is too smooth.
  3. The building plate is not leveled properly.
  4. The environment. 

Before Continuing On

Before we begin, please remove the cured resin stuck on the vat. If you have encountered trouble removing cured resin from the FEP or PFA (nFEP) film, please refer to this article

Troubleshooting the Issue

  1. Recalibrate the Z-Axis. To adjust the building plate more accurately, please refer to this post.
  2. Increase the curing time of the bottom layer to strengthen the adhesion between the model and the building plate. If you are trying to print a larger model or print at full plate, we recommend increasing the bottom layer exposure time by 20%. 
  3. Lower the lifting speed to below 40mm/min.
  4. Adjust the light-off delay time according to this auto calculator.
  5. Remove the platform and polish the platform with 80 grit sandpaper. Sanding the surface can help to strengthen adhesion between the 3D model and the building plate. After polishing, use your fingertips to check the surface roughness of the building plate. Please refer to this video as an example.

If you have more 3d technical questions, please read our 3D technology. If our article can't solve your problem, you can send your problem to service@antinsky.com


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