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3D printer store ( official launch

Li Yi


Today, I am very excited. Our 3D printer online store ( for end consumers has finally been officially launched.

In the past two years, we have achieved great success at Although we entered the 3D printing industry very late, we have quickly obtained a large number of b-end customers through high-quality service and low freight price, and become an excellent supplier of top 10 in the 3D printer industry.

However, we are not satisfied with this. Our philosophy is to Provide customers with 3D printing products accurately. However, due to the restrictions of some manufacturers, we cannot sell some brands of 3D printers on This is a great loss for us and customers. The successful launch of has helped us solve this problem. The same as It reduces the high platform cost, and we will give more concessions to our end consumers.

We have established good cooperative relations with mainstream brands in 3D printer industry and 3D consumables industry, such as creality, eSUN, Phrozen, flashforge, anubic, elegoo, raise3d, polymaker, sunlu, artistry, flsun, twotrees...) Due to time constraints, we only put some products on the shelves this time. In the next few months, we will continue to put more than 1000 3D printing products on the shelves to provide customers with the most complete and high-quality 3D printing products.

Black Friday is a very good day. We choose this unexpected winner to be a dark horse in the C 3D printer market.

但我们并不仅仅满足于此。 我们的理念是最精准地为客户提供所需的3d打印产品。 然而由于受到一些厂家的限制,部分品牌的3d打印机我们无法在alibaba.com上进行售卖。 这对我们和客户来说都是比较大的损失。www.antinsky.net的成功上线帮助我们解决了这个问题。 同时降低了高昂的平台费用, 我们将更多的优惠给到我们的终端消费者。
我们跟3d打印机行业和3d耗材行业的主流品牌都建立良好的合作关系。 比如(Creality, ESUN, Phrozen, Flashforge, Anycubic, Elegoo, Raise3d, Polymaker, Sunlu,Artillery, Flsun,Twotrees...)由于时间的限制,我们此次只是上架了部分产品。 在接下去的几个月中我们将持续上架到一千款以上的3d打印产品。为客户提供最全,最优质的3d打印产品。


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