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The taxi driver's service awareness is beyond your imagination

Today, I went to Jinan, Shandong Province on business. Because I arrived late, my friends in Shandong were still waiting for me in the restaurant, so I asked the taxi driver to take me directly to the restaurant for dinner. When I was about to arrive, the taxi driver told me that she could help me deliver my luggage to my hotel first, so that I didn't have to move my luggage to the restaurant.

I was very surprised at the taxi driver's service ability. Only from the heart for the sake of customers can we find such subtle needs. Antisnky has always adhered to the purpose of thinking about customers everywhere. Whether customers encounter technical problems or need to buy non-3d printing, our employees will try their best to help customers. But I think there must be a certain gap between us and the taxi driver. Our service is still passive and lacks the ability to actively discover customers' potential needs.

This is what we need to strengthen in the future. Only by serving attentively can we win customers!



       今天我到山东济南出差。因为到的比较晚,山东的朋友们都还在餐厅等我, 于是我就让的士司机直接送我到餐厅吃饭。 快到的时候的士司机跟我说她可以先帮我把我的行李送到住的酒店,这样我就不用把行李搬到餐厅了。
       我非常惊讶这位的士司机的服务能力。 只有发自内心地为客户在着想,才能发现如此细微地需求。 Antisnky也是一直秉承着处处为客户着想的宗旨,无论客户是碰到技术问题,还是需要购买非3d打印类的需求,我们的员工都会尽力地帮助客户。 但是我觉得我们跟这位的士司机想必,还有一定地差距。我们的服务还停留在被动,缺少主动发现客户潜在需求的能力。
       这就是我们未来需要不断加强的地方。 用心服务,才能赢得客户!

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