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 Do you know the relationship between marathon and 3D printing

In high school, I was good at sprint and basketball. Long distance running is a difficult sport for me. I can't control my speed well, so I often run too fast in the first half of the run, resulting in insufficient physical strength in the second half. 1500 meters is a long time for me.

When I was in college, my thigh muscles pulled up, and then I couldn't run 100 meters anymore. After graduation, I found lumbar disc herniation and said goodbye to basketball. But I turned to long-distance running. In the first year of running, I found that I could also run 5K. In the second year, I found that I could also run 10K. A few years later, I participated in the whole marathon. So far, I have completed five full marathon races.

In fact, running is not boring. When running, I usually imagine unlimited while running. I found that there are many similarities between marathon and 3D printing in my current job.

1. Stable structure. Running a marathon requires a stable body structure. As many people know, running a marathon is not just about running. You need to practice squatting so that your leg muscles can provide better support. Practice rope skipping to strengthen your lower legs. Exercise your abdominal muscles, strengthen your backbone, support and so on. Stable support structure can make your running smoother and more lasting. The same is true for 3D printers. Diy3d printers usually have a triangular structure composed of an inclined pull rod to improve the stability of the printer. The printers with frame structure and sheet metal structure are more stable and more suitable for high-precision 3D printing.

2. Appropriate pace. As we all know, running is not the faster the better. Too fast pace will lead to the accumulation of creatine in the body and can't run for a long time. If you run too slowly and consume too much time, you will consume more physical strength and water. Every runner needs to find a pace that suits him. Only what suits you is the best. The same is true for 3D printers. The speed of printing is not constant. You need to find a suitable 3D printing speed according to the ambient temperature, material properties and model requirements.

3. The environment of the matter. Running needs to choose the right environment. Neither extremely cold nor extremely hot environment is suitable for running. At the same time, I don't like mountain running, because I feel that mountain running has great damage to my knee. In fact, 3D printers also need the choice of environment. If it is too cold, the temperature difference of the model will change too much and it is easy to deform.

4. Reasonable diet. If you want to run effectively, you must eat scientifically. If you do not control eating, some runners become fat after running for a period of time, increasing the burden on the body. 3D printing also requires the selection of appropriate consumables. Bad consumables are prone to printing defects such as fracture, deformation and bubbles.

5. Scientific monitoring. We need to observe our physical state when running. If discomfort occurs, it needs to be stopped and adjusted in time. Some friends think that running is to stick to it, even if it's a little uncomfortable. As a result, small problems became major problems. 3D printing needs a broken wire detection function, which can find out whether the material is broken and suspend printing in time. Many 3D printers of creality and anyubic now have the functions of video monitoring and remote control. If the printing is not good, you can stop printing in time.

6. Stick to your attitude. The biggest thing running and 3D printing have in common is persistence. Marazon runs for hours at a time. In order to achieve these hours of persistence, we need unremitting training all year round. 3D printing also takes hours to days to print each time. My longest print is a week of continuous printing.

7. Sunshine. I like running in the morning to feel the charm of the rising sun. 3D printing is the sunrise of industry and the future of manufacturing technology.

I like running and 3D printing. Maybe this is the perfect combination of career and life.


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高中的时候我擅长于短跑和篮球。长跑对我来说是一项很难的运动。我不能很好的控制我的速度,所以经常会在跑步的前半程跑得太快,导致后半程没有足够的体力。 1500米对我来说已经很长了。
大学的时候我大腿肌肉拉上,后来再也跑不了100米了。 毕业后有发现了腰椎间盘突出,从此也告别了篮球。 但热爱运动的我转向了长跑。 跑步的第一年,我发现我也能跑5公里,第二年我发现我也能跑10 公里, 几年之后我参加了全程马拉松。到目前为止我已经完成了5次全程马拉松比赛了。
跑步其实并不枯燥,跑步的时候我通常会边跑边无限的想象。 我发现其实马拉松跟我现在的工作3d打印有很多类似的地方。
1. 稳定的结构。 跑马拉松需要稳定的身体结构。很多人都知道,跑马拉松不仅仅是联系跑步就好了, 你需要练习深蹲,让自己的腿部肌肉能够提供较好的支撑。练习跳绳加强你的小腿力量。练习腹部肌肉加强你的中坚力量支撑等等。 稳定的支撑结构才能让你的跑步更顺畅,更持久。3d打印机也是一样,DIY3d打印机通常有个斜拉杆组成三角结构提升打印机的稳定性。框架结构和钣金结构的打印机则更为稳定,更适合于高精度的3d打印需求。

2. 合适的配速。 众所周知,跑步并不是越快越好。过快的配速会导致体内肌酸堆积而无法跑的长远。 跑的太慢,消耗时间过长,体力和水分的消耗会更大。 每个跑者都需要寻找适合自己的配速。只有适合自己的,才是最好的。 3d打印机也是如此。打印的速度不是一成不变的。你需要根据环境的温度,材料性能和模型的需求去摸索出适合自己的3d打印速度。

3. 事宜的环境。 跑步需要选择合适的环境,极寒和极热的环境里都不适合跑步。同时我也不喜欢跑山地,因为感觉山地跑步对膝盖的损伤比较大。 3d打印机其实也需要环境的选择。 太冷,会导致模型温差变化太大,容易变形。

4. 合理的饮食。 要想跑步产生效果,必须科学的饮食。 如果没有控制进食,有些跑者跑了一段时间反而变胖了,加重了身体负担。3d打印也需要选择合适的耗材。 不好的耗材,容易产生断裂、变形、气泡等打印缺陷。

5. 科学的监测。 我们跑步需要去观察自己的身体状态。如果出现不适,就需要及时停止和调整。有些朋友觉得跑步就是要坚持,即使有点不舒服也坚持跑步。结果小毛病跑成了大毛病。3d打印需要有断丝检测功能,可以发现材料是否断裂并及时暂停打印。Creality 和Anycubic的多款3d打印机现在都增加了视频监控和远程控制的功能。如果打印的不好,可以及时停止打印。

6. 坚持的态度。 跑步与3d打印最大的共同点还是坚持。 每次跑马拉松都要连续跑几个小时。而为了实现这几个小时的坚持,则需要常年坚持不懈的训练。 3d打印每次打印也是数小时到数天的时间。 我最长的打印是一个星期的连续打印。

7. 阳光。 我喜欢晨跑,去感受朝阳的魅力。 3d打印则是工业领域的朝阳,是制造技术的未来。


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