Politique de remboursement

Product return-

If the product cannot be used due to quality problems, you need to cooperate with us to find out the cause of the fault. We will send you spare parts after finding out the reason. If it can't be repaired, we allow the goods to be returned and replaced. When returning goods, please pack all accessories and tools together and fix them in the box. The customer who returns the goods is responsible for the freight.

After receiving the returned goods and confirming that the goods are complete, a refund will be issued within 3 working days. 7 working days will arrive your account.

If the printing consumable products have been opened, return is not supported.

Full refund-

If the goods are lost in transit or meet the above return requirements, we agree to refund the goods in full. No refund can be applied for the damage caused by the fault of a third party or the customer's own fault.

Partial refund-

If there are some defects in the product, we will agree to a partial refund without affecting the main function.


If you need to apply for refund, please email us: service@antinsky.com