Antinsky PLA matte mutilple colors with 1.75mm 1KG PLA matte filament for FDM printer

颜色: 黑色
Prix réduit$9.50


                                     Antinsky PLA matte mutilple colors

PLA is a novel biodegradable material made from starch feedstock proposed from renewable plant resources such as maize. Starch raw material is made into lactic acid by fermentation process, and then converted into polylactic acid by chemical synthesis. It has good biodegradability. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water. It does not pollute the environment, which is very beneficial to the protection of the environment and is recognized as environmentally friendly material.

PLA has the best tensile strength and elongation, and PLA can also be produced by various ordinary processing methods.

PLA thin film has good air permeability, oxygen permeability and dioxygen carbon permeability, and it also has the characteristics of odor isolation

When polylactic acid (PLA) is incinerated, its calorific value of combustion is the same as that of paper, which is half of that of traditional plastic. Moreover, the incineration of PLA definitely does not release toxic gases such as nitrous oxide and sulfide. The human body also contains lactic acid in monomeric form, which indicates the safety of this decomposing product.

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