Antinsky ZCC2020H concrete 3D printer 2000*2000*1500mm print size 350m/s speed for concrete printing

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Antinsky ZCC2020H concrete

The deposit is 5000USD Please communicate the final price with customer service.

Xiamen Zhichuangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, focusing on the research, development and production of clay 3D printers. The company has continued to develop and grow. Based on the continuous deepening and development of the ceramic 3D printing industry, it has gradually formed the coordinated development of ceramic 3D printing, concrete 3D printing and soft materials.

The  company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, has applied for 1 invention patent, obtained 14 authorized utility model patents, and obtained 3 soft copyright.

The company currently provides three series of service products:

Clay 3D printer

Concrete 3D printer

3D printing service for clay and concrete
Product parameters:
Model: ZCC2020H

1. Forming size: 2000x2000x1500mm;

2. Boundary dimension: 3500 * 2900 * height 2500mm

3. Nozzle specification: 10.0, 15.0 and 20.0mm

4. Printing materials: soft materials such as concrete and geopolymer

5. Forming layer thickness: 3.0~2.0mm

6. Printing speed: up to 350mm/s

7. The screw thread is a 3D curved screw, which is not welded in sheet shape

8. Feeding mode: pumping

9. In order to facilitate cleaning, the extruder can be quickly divided into more than 4 sections, and all of them are fixed with quick connectors instead of screws

10. With infrared heating function to speed up concrete curing and print fine height model

11. The extruder capacity is more than 3L

12. Four screw rods+polished rod structure

13. Comes with triangular nozzle and rectangular nozzle

14. After printing, the bottom plate can be replaced with a forklift to quickly continue printing

15. Four-axis linkage in Z-axis direction is controlled by a motor, which is convenient for maintenance

16. It has automatic feeding function: it can automatically detect the corresponding start and stop and automatically adjust the feeding speed by PID control

17. Three different powder materials are automatically weighed and batched with one button

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