ANTINSKY DM1018-16 FDM 3D dual extruder with large printer size 1000x1800x1600mm 3d printer kit impresora 3d professional 3d printing machine

Prix réduit$6,500.00


                                     ANTINSKY DM1018-16 3D Printer

Can be customized
Strong Frame Body
High quality strong aluminum alloy as main body, 4 screw rollers, stable for large 3d printing.
One key auto leveling help you easy operate
1. First, 4 corners auto-level independently.
2. Then 8*8=64 points on the whole bed automatic detection platform flatness. Through the independent 4 screw automatic adjustment to achieve the true automatic leveling.

Ball screw & liner guide rails

X axis and Y axis linear guides have high accuracy and long service life.
Z-axis ball screw converts rotary motion into linear motion, with high transmission accuracy and low friction resistance, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machine.

Auto resume printing from power off

The machine will continue to complete the last printing work from the point of suspension after power resume.

6mm tempered glass platform

Whole bed heated by silicon rubber heater evenly, precise control temperature 0-100 degrees.
Super load capacity more than hundreds kilograms

7 Inch Touch Screen

The operation interface is 7 inch full color large screen, it is conveniet to operate.

Silent drive & strong motor

At the same time with silent and efficient two advantages, effectively reduce work noise

Support Filament

The machine independently developed 420° high temperature nozzle with constant temperature enclosure can print a variety of filament perfectly.

Customzaiton Options

In addition to the basic features, this offer customized services to add more fun to your printing work.
Wide Choice of Printing Size
Besides the standard sizes below, you can also contact us to customize your preferred print size.

Printing size :
40mm aluminum section
Movement of X&Y axis:
High precision linear rail
Movement of bed:
4 X screw rods & 4 X roller rods
Filament feeder:
Near end
Printing bed:
6mm tempered glass
Heating bed:
With digital temperature controller
Bed temperature:
0-100℃ (optional 150℃ )
Nozzle size:
0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm
Nozzle temperature
Operation Interface:
7” TFT full Color
Positional accuracy:
Layer accuracy:
Slicing software:
Dowell3d / Cura / or other similar software
Input format:
Filament diameter:
U disk/SD Card
Standard functions:
3D/BL toch auto leveling, filament sensor, auto resume from power off, auto power off, nozzle anti-collision
Customization Options: 
1. Medium extrusion flow rate extruder
2. Dual extruder
3. Dual feeder one nozzle
4. Linux operating system
5. X,Y module movement
6. Constant temperature enclosure 
7. Pellet extruder 
8. Printing size 

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