Qidi Tech X-Plus 3 3D FDM printer with 280*280*270 mm printer size CoreXY Structure 3D FDM printer

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Qidi Tech X-Plus 3

Antinsky:Zhejiang QIDI Technology Co., Ltd is located in the city of Ruian,Zhejiang Province. They are a high-tech enterprise which is early to reseraching, developing, and marketing professional 3D printers in China. Their I-fast and X-CF pro are most popular industry 3d printer in the world. 

 CoreXY Structure

·Reduce the motion Inertia and improve the motion speed
·TMC2209 silent drive
·Less noise

The Upgraded Lightweight

Weight reduced to 600g from 1600g.
Enhanced strength, 6-12 times stronger than steel

Extrusion The 9.5:1 gear ratio

Two Sets of Hot End

Copper Alloy Nozzle,
Better thermal conductivity,
Printing Smoother, More Durable,
Hardened Steel nozzle, Better For High-Performance Materials, Longer life
Both 350℃ Max Print Temp

Controlled Temperature Chamber + Drying box

PLUS3 built-in independent heating device, maximum temperature 65℃ and independent control power supply, for professional users according to the material characteristics, easy to make parts! Especially for printing complex ABS, PETG parts have a better effect!

No Layer Separation
The higher the temperature in the heated chamber, the larger the material range that can be printed. The heated chamber ensure that the part is built uniformly without the generation of internal stresses.

Automatic Levelling

New automatic intelligent levelling 16 points are taken to calculate the printing Compensation

Flexiable HF Board

Excellent adhesion,
No warping trouble,
Easy to remove the prints

Excellent User Experience

The highly acclaimed QIDI slicer software has both normal mode and expert mode, which is also easy for beginners to get started!

Machine Name
X-Max3 X-Plus3 X-Smart3
Technology FDM
Build Volume
325*325*325mm 280*280*270mm 180*180*170mm
553*553*601mm 511*527*529mm 370*362*397mm
Net weight
24.5 19.5 10.5
Printing Speed ≤600mm/s ≤500mm/s
Extruder Flow: 35mm³/s 30mm³/s
Extruder Temp ≤350°C ≤280°C
Hotend (Included) Copper alloy nozzle hotend
For Common materials
Brass Nozzle
Hardened steel nozzle hotend
For Abrasive materials
Auxiliary Part Cooling Fan
Chamber Temperature Control 65°C Independent Chamber Heating 65°C Independent Chamber Heating
Chamber Circulation Fan
With Activated carbon air filter
Screen 5.0 inch 4.3 inch
800*480 touch screen 480*272 touch screen
Seal print Dryer Box + Desiccant Optional
Connection Options Wi-Fi/USB Flash Drive/Ethernet Cable Wi-Fi/USB Flash Drive
Rated Power 900W 800W 350W
Recommended Filament PAHT-CF,PET-CF,PA12-CF PLA
Compatible filament PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, PET-CF, PA12-CF, PC, UltraPA, Nylon, etc. PLA, ABS, ASA,PETG, TPU etc
Structure CoreXY
Z Axis: Double Z axis
X axis Hardened Wear-resistant Carbon Fiber Rod
Firmware: Klipper
Printing Acceleration: 20000mm/s²
Printing Accuracy: ±0.1 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Bed Leveling: Automatic Leveling
Extruder transmission ratio 9.5:1
Hot end: Ceramic Heating Core
Extruder: High-flow Direct Drive Extruder
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (0.2,0.6,0.8mm Optional)
Hot bed temperature: ≤120℃
Printing Plate: Double-Sided Flexible Magnetic HF Plate
Filament Detection: Yes
Resonance Compensation: Yes
Pressure Advance: Yes
Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Main Processer: Cortex-A53,64-bit Preocessor
1.5Ghz,8G-EMMC,1G DDR3
Slicer: QIDI Print and other third-party software, such as Ultimaker Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer, etc.
Operating System: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Assembled Assembled and First Print within 10 minutes

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