Tronxy Moore2 Pro clay 3d printer 255*255*260mm print size High Percision 3d printing

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Tronxy Moore2 Pro
Moore series advantage features
1. OSG 15 full metal quality guide rails 2. Portable desktop feeding mode with electric push rod and screw extrusion without heavy air compressor
3. 8-language operate system
4. Mute drive chip 32bit mainboard
5. Resume print after power failure function
6. Lock screen function

No needs air compressor

If you have a similar air compressor in your home, buy Moore 2 directly. such as Moore 1 and Moore 2 Pro, are equipped with small
propulsion systems.

Screw feeding device

0.5L large capacity, replaceable, adjustable synchronous feeding system, easy operate and install. its mainly feeding system with
quality powerful motor.

Detachable print head

Quick to clean and easy to maintain. The appearance looks very neat and easy to disassemble. Before or after each printing, pay
attention to whether the print head is cleaned.

Metal guide rails

XYZ axis moves faster and smoother, and it is convenient to disassemble and clean, which is better than the general linear guide
rail. Moore series products using high quality OSG 15 rails with long service life.

Resume print fucntion

Unexpected power failure causes printing to stop. You can continue to the previous position after restarting the machine. Saves a
lot of time for printing failed.

Lock screen function

Large-size touch screen has fast touch reaction and automatically goes out without operation, so as to save energy.

Microwave kiln.

How to make clay printed model into ceramic must be fired, and the microwave kiln solves the problem that it cannot be made at
home. need buy extra.

Mute drive chip

The imported ultra-quiet stepper motor drive can effectively reduce the noise brought by the motor while ensuring the quality

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